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I am a writer, spoken word poet, educator, and mental health advocate based in Brooklyn, NY. In 2020, I founded The Make Yourself Collective (and MYC Kids,) which fosters creativity and artistic skill for all ages. In 2021, I published my debut poetry collection, MADE OF YOU, from Read or Green Books. I have performed my poetry on stages throughout New York City, including Housing Works Bookstore and Café and the off-Broadway Triad Theater. My prose has appeared in The New York Times and elsewhere. I have a degree in Cultural Anthropology from Duke University. My belief that art saves lives is literal. It has, in a very real sense, saved mine.

It's also important to remember that Fiona Apple is my spirit guide, and a singular musical talent of our generation, and there is just no way around that.



You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Medium, and Facebook [at]stephmakesfaces.

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